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©2014_Dorian Taddei

Welcome to the first in a long tradition of TETRASKELE® PodCasts intended to assist our readers and customers in becoming more familiar with our work and raison d’être. From ground-breaking discoveries in esoteric archaeology and astrology, to the re-discovery of nothing less than the fabled Elixir of Life, our legacy is founded in the Great Arcanum. This body of ancient knowledge was passed down from the legendary Golden Age, a period that likely lay in the distant past, perhaps between the last two Ice Ages, or in the period just after the last Ice Age. No one knows for sure. However, the fact that high science (what comes down to use as “magic”) was practiced in the past, long before the modern Greeks began to record history in a decipherable, written language. The Phoenician and Greek alphabets are not the first alphabets or written languages, however. But this is another story.

Following s series of comet impact-driven disasters of a global scale, the world and its early (and predominately peaceful) civilizations went into decline. We can trace this decline to around 6500 BCE. At this point the residual polar ice sheets (that formed during the last Ice Age) began to melt, flooding most of the coastlines of the world. Since 90% of civilizations are located along the ocean shorelines, in the pluvial deltas — where large rivers flow into the seas, and on islands — this forced the evacuation of many once flourishing cities. The remains of most of these lie under 65-100 feet of water, today.

Ancient Indian texts such as the Ramayana, describe the rapid disappearance of this ancient age of global peace and epoch of ancient high science, in the aftermath of wars and cyclic comet cataclysms. Following this decline, mankind not only lost his fascination for the great philosophical questions of the Secrets of the Ages, but in fact turned against those who preserved this ancient science and wisdom (against loss or corruption). The destruction of the Library at Alexadria, Egypt, is but one of the better known examples of this retreat from light into darkness. So precious were these “treasures” of ancient knowledge, that orders arose to preserve these truths, and ideogrammatic languages were developed to encode them, in a form occulted (hidden) from the influence and corruption of darkened minds. This is the Hermetic legacy. What was preserved was once known as the (Great )Arcanum.

TETRASKELE® is dedicated to the revealing of the core sciences of the Great Arcanum, and to the resurrection of the knowledge of this Golden Age. This was the hope of many occultists down through the millennia.

The Vedic traditions of India tell us that we are now in the Fourth Age of mankind: The Vedas call them the "The Golden Age", "The Silver Age", and "The Bronze Age.” Now, they say, we are in the "The Iron Age” (an age of war). As enter this 21st century, all of the ancient prophecies claim that we have come to the end of an age, and the beginning of another.

From over 30 years of research both in the interdisciplinary cross-over area of astronomy and geology called Neocatastrophism (or more precisely, Coherent Catastrophism), and through studies centered on the connections between ancient mythological and religious claims of large comets which came near to the Earth, causing global paroxysms, one story shines through. As the priests of Egypt related to Timaeus, there comes an end to each age, these great ages end in either fire, or water/ice. This perfectly describes the global result of either an oceanic (70%) and/or land-based comet impacts, respectively.

This age is no exception. The hard evidence from the geological past, as well as the founding premises laid out in numerous myths from antiquity, all point to the facts that this not as some hoary fairytale, but as an ancient archetypal memory of truth.

All we can do at this time is to make people as aware as we can about the nature of consciousness, and teach them to extend their life on Earth, and increase the vitality of their bodies. With this new science of life extension the human population might live long enough to not only discover the question of the purpose of life for itself, and potentially overcome the loss of contiguous consciousness at death.

This, we hold, was the real message of all of the ancient “Savior” myths, fulfilled in the death and reincarnation (within 3 days) of Jesus, son of Mary: a man called Jesus “the Christ.” Whether we speak of the labor of Hercules, Odin’s self-crucifixion, the Minotaur of Minos, the Egyptian theogony of the incarnation of Horus, the tales of Zoroaster, Mithra, Enki or Jesus Christ, the message can be understood to be the same. How is this sort of global correlation of ancient events, through millennia of time, possible?

One of the 20th centuries greatest students of mythology Joseph Campbell, claimed of this distant past, that some 10,000 or so years ago, across the planet there was one single religion. We agree, and have chosen to cal this the “Cosmo Religion,” or Cosmology-based religion. We cover both this ancient cosmological belief system, and all its implications, within the pages of this, the TETRASKELE® website. But this is not about religion, but about the re-awakening of consciousness—of the unveiling of at-one-ment with the light of pure consciousness: what the Egyptian Hermeticists called simply, the ALL.

These PodCasts are our first offerings, audio narratives (using high quality synthesized voices) covering various topics that touch on the Great Arcanum, the true aether cosmology, and literally hundreds of other topics which tie the Universe together under a single, cosmological THEORY OF EVERYTHING. The discovery of this TOE, or "Grand Unifying Theory," was the dream of Classical Physicists, and was once understood by some of the oldest cultures of the archaic past. Hard to believe? Well, let is make believers out of all of our visitors and friends.

We will attempt to add roughly once new PodCast per week. Some weeks we will be a bit more industrious than others, so bear with us.

If you like the information revealed in our TETRASKELE® Podcasts, then be sure keep and eye on this website.

TETRASKELE®, in conjunction with Saturn Studios and Eclipse Productions, will be announcing a new Webisode science series. Webisodes are short HD video productions. these will not be simple YouTube style slide shows, but short segment television-style productions. This series has been in development for almost 16 years, and it is time for its unveiling online. These webisodes will be 15 minutes long, with roughly 11 minutes of new programming (revolutionary science) in each show. More information will be forthcoming soon, and will be available on our Webisodes page.

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In the following Podcast series we examine the re-discovery of the most ubiquitous legends of all time: the Elixir of Life. The stories of the elixir(s) of life can be found among all civilizations with a long history of on-going cultural transmission. Known from around the world under monikers including: the Elixir of Immortality, Mead of the Gods, the Dancing Waters, the Philosopher's Stone (or lapis philosophorum), Azoth, Manna, and symbolized by the Tree of Life, the Fountain of Youth, the Holy Grail, and Golden Apples (Hesperides, Avalon) etc., this story is one of the most prevailing myths on Earth. Since the 'Age of Reason,' scholars have rebuked the ancient myths as superstitions and fairy tales. Mankind's sciences separated themselves from the so-called supernatural and mystical, and began its worship of the physical, material world, denying any invisible Spiritual connection. If it would not me measured by his (existing) machines, and calculated using the language of mathematics, then — it was held — it did not, it COULD NOT exist.

This myopic paradigm limited mankind's thinking to those things he could see and reconcile with his measurements and direct eye observations. Although the foray of modern science into the world of abstract physics and the sub-atomic world has revealed phenomena that these same scientists can only speak of in existential terms using words like "spooky," "dark energy," dark matter" and "entanglements." The answers to the mystery of the unseen world, and in fact ALL MATTER and — due directly to motion within and through matter— ALL FORCES, can only be discovered once the true AETHER (fabric of space itself) can be understood and modeled.

Within the pages of this website we explore the true cosmology of the aether. Once called Akasha in ancient India, known as the Aether in Greece, and appearing under many titles in all ancient myths of cosmogenesis, including the "Primeval Waters by the Egyptian priests, and later Soph (Sophia) among the Essenes and Nazarenes, this concept for a space-filling medium was eventually known as the luminiferous ether during the modern period of science called Classical Physics. Within these pages not only do we assume the existence of the Aether (as we prefer to call it), but as Nikola Tesla once said: "Nothing could exist without the aether." We wholeheartedly agree, but do not rest upon the laurels of hyperbole and history in our revealing of the knowledge of the Golden Age, the Great Arcanum. Instead, we succinctly define and illuminate the ancient concept of a TESSELLATED, CUBIC AETHER of 'standing light,' an omnipresent and eternal fabric of space, using 21st Century terms and using 21st Century scientific language (where possible). We build upon this premise, as we expound upon the principles of this universe, and its many phenomena.

It is impossible to understand any phenomena completely, if one lacks the understanding of the structure and mechanisms inherent to the TRUE COSMOLOGY of the aether. What we present is an aether-based cosmological model that is coherent, logical and mechanical in nature. As far as we are able to comprehend it, we hold that this is the ONLY and TRUE AETHER COSMOLOGY. As far as it can be explained, as simply as we can define the fundamentals, we will do so. We rely upon 21st century science to illuminate and define our terms, and ancient science to connect all of the universe through this single cosmological GUT, or Grand Unifying Theory.


There were 2 basic disciplines of ALCHEMY in the ancient world. One was a MINERAL-BASED ALCHEMY, and the other PLANT-BASED ALCHEMY. These two disciplines differ widely in their approached and applications, although both are extracting and concentrating elements within minerals and plants, respectively. Since the disappearance of the Golden Age, however, the high science of that period was corrupted, and over time the clarity with which the ancients worked became obfuscated, largely because of the lack of a coherent set of terms and manners of measurement. Hence, over the millennia, the work of mineral and plant alchemy became one of a rather symbolic and abstracted language, and the work was not as much understood, as it was replicated relying upon a descriptive, and symbolic language that, although intelligent, was also very difficult to wrap one's head around.

For the Chinese, the loss of the language of alchemy, was accompanied by a loss of knowledge required to understand the nature of the Prima Materia mineral, the “white stone” that the alchemist required to begin the process of manufacturing both the Elixir of Life, and the “red stone” that was the final product of the application of the Art: the lapis philosophorum. Once this information was lost and corrupted, mineral alchemy ended in China. From secular history, mineral alchemy ended in China by 500 CE. However, recent discoveries made in the area of Mono Lake, California, have demonstrated that there were some Asian contacts still collecting Prima Materia from the N American continent, as late as perhaps the 15th Century.

A form of volcanic Tuff, formed when a pyroclastic cloud from the Supervolcano explosion that formed the Mono Lake geologic domain, settled over the mountains to the south of the lake. This area is today Bishop, California. This tuff was highly sought after as a source of combined Green and Red Dragon QE. Although it is not certain what part of China the alchemists who visited our shores, and harvested this ore were. We suspect that their transoceanic journey began on the coast of China, near what it today lands lying on the border between Vietnam and China itself. These intrepid souls left behind formulae indicating how to process the rock for the Elixir of Life. The symbols they used resembled the I-Ching hexagrams, and the end of the “Maritime Silk Road” was in the aforementioned area of ancient China. Additionally, this area was associated with other mythology including the Kunlun Mountains, named after the Homo floresiensis who once traded in this area of the western Pacific Ocean. Their 250 foot long, 6-masted outrigger ships were copied later for coastal shipping, and images of these smaller vessels grace the relief sculptures of Boroburdur as well as Ankor Wat temples of Java and what is today Cambodia.

The Kun Lun people, the dark-skinned, 3-foot tall Homo floresiensis race, were among the earliest know sailors. A pictograph of their massive transoceanic vessels can be found today in a cave complex in the Carizzo Plain of Southern California. This cave painting (called a pictograph) clearly depicts one of the same ship styles we see on the Boroburdur and Ankor Wat friezes, but this painting shows 6 masts and the large cargo area amidships that characterized these primarily cargo-hauling vessels.

In 1578, as Francis Drake was being pursued by the Spanish Fleet, his ship skirted the shores of what is today Santa Barbara, California. He reported seeing what he would record in his journals as a Chinese Junk. Other reports by Spanish sailors corroborated the presence of Asians in Monterey Bay, about the same time. However, the description of the ships and tapestries recorded by those who were rescued by these Asiatics, and brought to shore from where their boat had struck the reef, recorded tapestries and hats on the crew that suggest a southern Vietnamese, or even Tibetan influence.

Regardless, the official story is that mineral alchemy ended when people began to die from poisoning by various mineral concoctions prepared by those who attempted to reproduce the Elixir of Life, but who lacked the proper training. Whoever was coming to N America to gather and process Prima Materia in Bishop, CA, did so without recording this exploit. This was the way of the true esoteric orders, who had never lost the knowledge of the existence of the North and South American continents.

India also lost its knowledge of the mineral elixirs by some time in the Current Era. Ayurvedic Alchemy—a highly advanced form of plant-based Spagyric alchemy—began to be practiced in India as early as 3,000 BCE. The Caraka Samhita and Sushruta Samhita are two ancient books, written in Sanskrit more than 2,000 years ago and are considered the main texts on Ayurvedic medicine. However, many Ayurvedic practices are thousands of years old, with no written records associated with them. Ayurvedic medicine is thought to be as old as the Vedas.

Indian Ayurveda is traced to the Indian Subcontinent, and it would not be unlikely that the Chinese learned of plant alchemy through contacts moving trade goods along the Silk Road. However, even though the Chinese became great masters at utilizing medicinal plants, they never developed anything as sophisticated as the Indian Ayurvedic techniques, and relied more on concentrating and isolating plant virtues using solvents.

Mineral Alchemy, unlike the Spagyric or Ayurvedic traditions, required a knowledge of the forces of the universe, and this knowledge had its roots in the Aether Cosmology. This knowledge was lost because the core technology was lost through time. As far as we have been able to tell, in most cases—especially among European practitioners of the Medieval and Renaissance—all that was left by the Medieval period in Europe and India, were formulae, and a complex set of descriptors that represent not primary cosmological knowledge, but a secondary level of knowledge of cosmology.


It is our understanding -- and this is drawn from many decades of research and insights -- that the knowledge of the actual mechanics of the Aether remained one of the most securely hidden technology on Earth. Understood to present great potential for harm as well as for good, this scene was only given to the most ardently spiritual souls, and only after long processes through which the initiate proved himself/herself to be worthy and able to assimilate and responsibly pass on this intellectual and spiritual legacy. Occult organizations came and went, schools began and prospered for a time, and vanished. The Great Arcanum, and its cosmological secrets, appear and reappear under many names though the centuries, but the core truths remain fundamental. And there is no more fundamental principle than that of the universal aether, the fabric of space and the foundational structure from which pall Physical Matter, as well as Spirit are derived. It is the interaction of coherent structures within the aether, moving through the same, that all of those principles that we moderns call the LAWS OF NATURE are secondarily derived.

And this is what we find if we search the few extant writings that still record the wisdom of the ancients. In the Vedas we read the following:

“All matter is the outcome of Akasha; and all force, whether gravitation, attraction or repulsion, or life, is the outcome of one primal force called Prana. Prana acting on Akasha is creating (projecting) the universe.”
The Vedas
• • • • • • •

It is not only the ancient Indians (or Brahmin priests, like Abraham or A-Brahmin) who understood the true nature of the Aether. Classical Physics probed the nature of this Aether for centuries, from Newton's time right on into the 20th century. Although there is no room to deal with conspiracy theory within the pages of this web site, nor is it the proper venue, only a fool would think that such fantastic power as the true cosmology might offer those of limited spiritual insight and who see a weapon in every new discovery, would not be coveted, and hidden for power and gain, if it could be ascertained. There is no greater conspiracy than the Aether "cover-up." However, we need not concern ourselves this aspect of the modern re-discovery of the Great Arcanum, as discussed herein. We will focus on a revealing, and not a concealing.

One of the greatest physicists—one of the grew thinkers—of any age, was the 19th-20th century Dutch cosmologist Hendrik Lorentz. A mentor to Albert Einstein, Lorentz was a man in possession of a lucid understanding of the universe, and he comprehended the connection between matter and energy. The implications of the true nature of the Aether Cosmology are staggering, as Lorentz well understood. The following two statements by Lorentz demonstrate that "great minds think alike," and verifies that the saying "there is nothing new under the sun" is a valid observation, especially when it comes to human insights. Notice that the concepts of the Vedic quote are mirrored in these both century reflections upon the nature of the true AETHERIC COSMOLOGY.

“All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together.
We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter.”
– Hendrik A. Lorentz

”I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness.”
– Hendrik A. Lorentz
• • • • • • •

One of the most well known expressions to come down to our day, from the ancient disciplines of alchemical learning, is a saying we will reproduce now. What this really means, is that the cosmology of the universe is TESSELLATED, or repeated on every scale, from the smallest fundamental structure, right on up to the structure of the universe at the level of the galaxies (and beyond?).

"As above . . . so below"

This was the basis of the 'vision' of Johannes Kepler, who once imagined the solar system as a nested series of Platonic Solids, in terms of the relationships of spacing (distance) and motion of the planets around the Sun. Although he could never perfectly reconcile these geometric relationships, he did comprehend the true nature of the tessellated cosmology in that brief flash of gnosis! This understanding surfaces again and again in history, as all great minds have come back to the same principles. The universe is aetheric in nature, and the aether is—for lack of a better term—a mind. And this aether, being cubic in nature, has a geometric relationship to matter, which is by its nature volumetric. As a volume expands equally, so do all base forces like gravity, and electrical influences, at the "square of the distance," known as the inverse square law.

The ancient mystic and philosopher, the Greek geometer and esotericist Pythagoras, described this principle with his famous adage "square the circle." This esoteric statement might be decrypted using the expression: Cubicly constraining the Sphere.

The concept of the geometry of the universe, as derived by cubic tessellations linked to spherical expansion has its ultimate expression in a very, very old symbol: the Flower of Life. Within this website we examine this geometrical symbol more closely, but at this juncture we only wish to mention that that ancient alchemy was firmly based in this understanding of an aetheric universe. The expression "as above, so below," refers directly to the relationship of atoms and di-atomic "quinta essentia" (QE)—or D.H.A.R.M.E.s as we have named them—in aqueous solutions. The trapping of the QE utilizes the forces of repulsion (electrically polar water molecules) to force the electrically neutral di-atoms into the electrically neutral spaces within one or another structure. This structure can be hydroxides (a hydroxide floc has sponge-like neutral spaces), oils, or salt "clathrate cages," each type of environment not dissimilar in mechanics to planetary forces in balance around the Sun. This is because the aether produces a repulsive force, and not an attractive force. We call the principle repulsive force gravity. And as above, so below, as within an aqueous solution the electrical pressure forces the QE into electrically neutral spaces in hydroxides, or electrically neutral spaces within clathrate cages of a hexahydrate chloride (like liquid magnesium chloride). And so the universe was imagined to be working using the same principles, where on a micro or a macro scale. Hence, the saying "as above, so below."

These concepts will become clearer as you avail yourself of our presentations that will attempt to clarify both the ancient language of the Arcanum, as well as to debunk the agendized cover-up of true aetheric cosmology that has driven the headlong leap into what has been called "abstract mathematics," the basis of modern physics.


Kepler's rationalization of the planetary motions and orbits as related to a nested geometry of platonic solids. (Fig.1)

(Quote from the Hermetic Primer, the Kabylion)

During his tenure as the senior physicist at the University of Chicago, one of the great pioneering minds of the nature of the atom, Dr. Robert James Moon—physicist, chemist and engineer—developed a unique theory to explain these structure of the atomic nucleus, noting that the most stable elements were the most geometrically balanced. In the mid 1980s Dr. Moon came up with his proposal for a geometric ordering of protons and neutrons in the atomic nucleus based on nested platonic solids. This "Moon Model" was inspired by Johannes Kepler’s conception of the solar system, as described in Kepler's work Mysterium Cosmographicum. His model was also inspired by the discovery by von Klitzing of the quantum Hall effect. This lead Moon to conceive space itself as ‘quantized.’ He proposed that the nucleons are positioned at discrete locations, i.e. at the vertices of a set of nested platonic solids.

Although such thinking still attempts to unify all matter using abstract theory modeling, bypassing the aether, what Moon understood was that there was a tessellated, a grid-like (cubic) structure within the universe. He was quite correct. As it runs out, the universal aether is cubically quantized or tessellated! The greatest minds have always come back to the same realization, namely, that there is a universal fabric that connects all things, and it is omnipresent, and this structure is pure consciousness. In the words of the Hermetic treatise called the Kybalion: “All is mind…The universe is mental.”

However, unlike existentialist commentators who favor a Jungian angle when referring to alchemy, we have no such leanings. The hold that the Universe is pure consciousness, but it is also quite real. All physical manifestations arise from this fundamental, and the Elixir of Life works because of the same principles as Prana: the interactions between the quinta essentia and aether drag. It is motion through the aether that makes all life possible, that is the root cause of many of the phenomena of matter and energy, and which drive these DHARMEs—or simply ELEMENTALS—into harmonic motion. Yet, this motion is not simple harmonic motion. if it was, then there would be no negentropic effects. The DHARME structure, with its Möbius Bond, is subject to oscillations that produce a motion known as libration.

As we explain in the section on MICHAEL MAIER, the ancients understood the nature of vibratory healing. This is the mechanism of the mineral-based Elixir of Life. In the section RENAISSANCE ALCHEMY we decipher the 9th Key of Basil Valentine, an etching by Michael Maier, and demonstrate his advanced knowledge of the biological mechanisms involved in the negentropic actions of DHARME-containing elixirs, as the interact with the human immune system. True Alchemy literally taps into the dynamics of aether drag—the mechanism that drive DHARME libration. In the Waltman-Taddei aetheric cosmology model, the aether itself is a tessellated fabric of standing light. Any amplitude within the fixed frequency of the fundamental aether is part of an electric field, and any traveling amplitude signal is what we know today as a photon. Just so, it is not hard to understand that aether drag produces an amplitude effect within the aether, and amplitude (in this model) equals light.

The Egyptians well understood this principle. And we should not be surprised. Although incorrectly attributed to Thoth, the immortal who taught the Egyptians following the comet disaster that destroyed the American colony known as Atlantis, Alchemy had been practiced for some 300,000 to 600,000 years before the pre-dynastic “Temple of Hathor, at Dendra,” or “The Sphinx” were ever built. Egypt was the inheritor of the Alchemical Traditions, nothing more. And yet the evidence supports the long-standing claim that the Art of Alchemy has been an integral part of the Egyptian science since Egypt’s inception.

The Egyptians spoke of the creation of the world out of the “primeval waters” of Nun. As we have pointed out in our work, the universe itself has a single fundamental, a fabric that forms the matrix for all matter, and all laws derived from the motion of matter through this matrix, once matter is set in motion. The Egyptians depicted these “waters of chaos” as a field of high amplitude waves: a field of zigzags lines.

In the Egyptian Stele below (Fig.2), Nun is depicted contained within a rectangle of stone. Sprouting from the stone is the Tree of Life. Looking closely, we see that this Tree of Life is sprouting arms which hold a pitcher. In the pitcher is the Elixir of Life, and it is being freely offered to the Initiate seated to our left. We see the transfer of the energy of Nun, as the aetheric medium (called Soph or Sophia in the Egyptian Hermeticism of the current era), feeding the roots of the Tree of Life.

Aether provides the energy that drives the Elixir of Life to vibration. This energy is in the form of unique form of vibration, called libration. The DHARMEs transduce aether drag to vibratory energy: Terahertz electromagnetic frequencies. These frequencies in turn—resulting from the unusual oscillating motion (libration) of the DHARME’s di-atomic structure. This libration in turn drives the interstitial aqueous solutions of the body’s interstitial tissues, into harmonic resonance. Water absorbs these THz frequencies completely, converting this energy into a dance of water cluster geometry. In this Rube Goldberg cosmological dance, water—acting in a superconductive manner—transfers this high frequency vibratory energy through the entire body.

We theorize that there are ultimately three primary effects on the body driven by this energetic dance.

1) The entire body become harmonized (Kundalini rising), allowing communication between original stem cells in the brain, with their counterparts, which once formed the major tissues and organs of the body, during its embryonic stages of development. This effect drives the body into a state where low frequency waves can pass easily throughout the body, linking these control cells to their counterparts, communicating critical information back to the brain about the status of these macro structures.

2) The resonance within these interstitial fluids results in superconductive conditions to exist at the Gap Junctions of the body: critical junctions through which cels in one tissue (originally derived from one type of germ cell) can communicate with others from another tissue, along for mutual cooperation in the healing processes of the body at this scale.

3) Lastly, the human immune system benefits from this harmonic condition, as it drives the production of Clathrin Cages, which in turn accelerate the transfer of antigenic proteins through the cell walls of the Mediator T-Cells. This increase in processing ability ramps up the immune system using negentropic energy. The immune system then reacts so much faster to ant threat from a pathogen, that one can—theoretically—vanquish a visor before it has had time to establish itself within ours systems. Essentially, this is the ultimate immunization: natural, non-drug and does not compromise the natural development of immune system MEMORY.

Stacks Image 18484

Egyptian stele depicting the Tree of Life drawing its energy from the Primeval Waters of Nun, and offering it to a Hermetic Initiate. (Fig.2)


When dealing with the language of occult alchemy, we must not assume that a particular work used in the occult vocabulary, means the same as that word does in secular usage. There are many examples of this, but we only offer a few words here to clarify some of our discoveries, where a proper understanding of the definition of a word is critical to decipherment.

A good example is found in the ancient’s use of the term Sulfur to describe the QE. Sulphur carries with it the symbolic reference to heat and light. The ancients knew that Sulphur burned, and do so brightly. Thus, as a Neter, the symbol of Sulphur is synonymous with light. And, as the ancients knew, the quinta essentia di-atoms (DHARMEs) vibrated due to Aether drag, or dragging through the aether: a matrix that is nothing less than a structure of standing light (scalar) or electric amplitude potential. (For clarification please see the section on the Aether).

as a correct symbol for the energy driving this phenomena. Sulfur was a source of light, as it burns easily, and brightly. This was a perfect analog to the energetic nature of the aether-drag transduction of the quinta essentia. And this analog has caused a lot of confusion among those attempting to understand alchemy.

In fact, the alchemists spoke and wrote only in such symbolic language. In the language of the alchemists, Sulfur meant the quinta essential, or the active principle within the Salt, or base mineral itself which held the QE in a non-active state (non vibratory state). The QE had to be released from the Salt, then had to be trapped and concentrated by the substance that held these metal di-atoms in a usable, liquid state. This stuff they called Mercury—referring to the carrier of the QE. As mundane mercury was a liquid metal, so the metal hydroxides (mostly magnesium hydroxide) which carried the QE (di-atoms of metals), they symbolically referenced with their term, Mercury.

For this reason, in our analysis of the “Formula for the Green Dragon elixir—the complex petroglyphic sigil from the Mojave North rock art site, located in the Great Basin of the United States—we include these three definitions for Salt, Sulphur and Mercury. Without understanding what these terms meant to the esoteric alchemists, we cannot decipher this inscription for why it is.

However, for the Spagyricist, who worked with plants and tinctures, as well as calcined plant materials, alcohol was the medium that carried the active ingredients of the processed plant material. Hence, alcohol could be referred to as Mercury, as well. All of this symbolic substitution in the language and imagery of alchemy, makes an uninformed and literal interpretation of the detailed descriptors and instructions in ancient alchemical writings, not only impractical, but downright dangerous. The misidentification of a symbolic term with a literal chemical, was the cause of illness and even death, among later, less informed (i.e. uninitiated) alchemical experimenters. The loss of proper esoteric symbolic decipherment lead to many deaths in China, and ended mineral alchemy in China by the 5th Century of the current era.

So much confusion arose from incorrect interpretations of alchemical writings and ideas, that, as we passed through the veil of the Age of Reason, skeptics came to refer to the hoary wisdom of the Arcanum as superstition and pseudoscience. And pretenders and re-interpreters arose, who became the purveyors of the true gibberish. Modern, post-Yungian alchemical ‘drones’ (a Michael Maier term for alchemist pretenders) have produced lengthy tomes turning what was once a practical science, into New Age pablum. uninformed modern New Age interpretations of alchemy a psychobabble, had only lessened the credibility of alchemy. In fact, the alchemists could actually use a proper alchemical Menstruum to create more gold, from similar atoms (called transmutation). And yet again, the term Menstruum is mistakenly though if today in the same vein as a solvent. It was not. And so modern-day chemists scoff at the idea of being able to transmute metals at low temperatures. This was in fact possible for the ancient alchemists. However, this was not the primary interest at all. The manufacture of the elixirs of life, and ultimately the lapis philosophorum was their goal. And yet, today many insist that this was what alchemy was, a pseudoscience interested in turning lead into gold. This is the state we find it in today.

In reality, the alchemist’s Menstruum was a powerful electrolytic solution, so full of concentrated DHARMEs (QE) that it literally rearranged the electron structures of both the outer orbitals, and in so doing, the inner electrons (in the Waltman-Taddei GUT the so-called neutrons turn out to be merely electrons) as well. This accomplished low temperature transmutation easily.

In experiments conducted in our laboratory, we have seen the ordered replication of simply air-born compounds of ammonia (NH3), esters (like the synthetic pheromones in baby powder), and other chemicals detectable by the sense of smell when concentrated. We understand this as the principle the alchemists called “Multiplication.” This is not Transmutation—because the simple atoms required to make these compounds, like Nitrogen and Carbon, Oxygen and Hydrogen (from water vapor) already exists in the air within vessel—but represents Multiplication. This is a simpler manifestation of the active vibratory principles of the QE, but only requires a pattern (like NH3) be imposed on existing atoms. This is much like stacking legos on an appropriate substrate—a lego peg board. Transmutation is more complex, and requires high than that of Mutlplication. It would be analogous to softening the plastic pins on the Lego board and bending them a bit, to allow odd angles of lego attachment. This may seem a silly analog, but this is really what all chemistry is really about—geometry in motion. A true alchemical Menstruum is not a solvent, but more like a catalyst. However, instead of providing a substrate for a reaction, it alters the aqueous environment (the clustering geometry of H2O molecules) to a more favorable electrical environment for the electrical rearrangement of atoms into a single geometrically/vibrationally tessellated form.

The simple truth is that DHARMEs work as transducers of aether drag into vibration energy. The healing properties of the true DHARMEs or quinta essential are vibrational in nature, and this is why the elixirs are always added to water—whether this is an aqueous solution which is taken orally, or a lapis philosophorum dipped and then swirled through a cup of water—which is taken orally to attain an effect. The action of the elixirs requires water, it drives water into harmonic vibration with it. Once drunk, the affected or charged water—charged with a signal or vibrational set of harmonics—passes its vibratory signal to the interstitial water within our bodies. This aqueous fluid surrounds the cells of the body, and so passes this energy through our system. Water is both the medium of transmission for this healing energy, as well as a storage system for the energy itself. Water absorbs 100% of the THz frequencies it is exposed to. Water is a harmonic-resonance machine for these frequencies. This energy storage has to do with the natural clustering nature of H2O molecules. This topic is explored in some detail elsewhere on this website.

It is true that one might be able to manufacture a powdered version of the elixir of life which would be able to attain the proper hydrated state necessary to begin this process within the stomach, but the principle of true alchemy relies upon the nature of water’s clustering action, and its ability to store and propagate vibration in the THz (terahertz) range. DHARMEs must be added to water do work their magic. More on this in the WATER OF LIFE section of our website.

~ AUM ~



This series is an overview of the true nature of ancient alchemy, from a 21st century esoteric perspective. The information in this seminal alchemical information presentation is based in radical new discoveries, of the oldest science on Earth! These discoveries are part of an occult unveiling, that has taken the author 45 years of his lifetime. The first discoveries began with revelations and insights gained as a young man, culminating in direct archaeological and epigraphic field research conducted at esoteric rock art sites across North America. This decipherment of the ancient Art of Alchemy, is part of the greater decipherment of the secret symbolism of the ancient occult orders, for whom alchemy and astrology were but two of the sciences which were employed by these orders, for the benefit of the Evolution of Mankind.

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