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July of 2014, the Tetraskele Retail Store and Outreach Center in St Helens, Oregon, closed its doors. Tetraskele still maintains its on-line presence, however, and will continue to present its discoveries and products are National and State venues for alternative and holistic medicine. Lectures on our alchemical and occult discoveries are still being presented, for select organizations, and as a part of the growing revival of interest in Alchemy. Our students and patrons are encouraged to keep an eye on this website for future presentation locations and times.

Tetraskele (the Store) was a unique outreach center and retail store, located in Old Town, St. Helens. For over 2 years we offered weekday and weekend 90-minute seminars, and weekend workshops, on Occult and Alchemy-related topics. The 90-minute Seminars are fast-paced, state-of-the-art, multimedia presentations that offered students information and training in the true Sacred Science of the ancients.

We have now turned our efforts bad to our roots, and am engaged in producing a series of Webisodes (short 15-minute made-for-television style presentations) which we hope to begin offering for download by the Summer of 2015.

Currently, we are offering FREE audio Podcasts here, at the Tetraskele website. For more information on the Podcasts, and download links, click the button below to be redirected.

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Details of our on-going breakthroughs in alchemy and cosmology, relevant breaking scientific discoveries, are contained within the pages of the TETRASKELE® website, form the basis for discussions available now as FREE audio Podcasts. We began to offer these in December of 2014. for the time being these humble offerings replace the on-going seminar series once presented at the Tetraskele store.

Beginning in the Spring of 2015, TETRASKELE® will begin to offer pre-scheduled, coherent presentations covering many of our discoveries, at various venues on the West Coast of the United States. Most of these presentations will be limited to the Portland, Oregon area, but we may also offer some of these in Seattle, Washington. Any relevant information on upcoming presentations can be found on our NEWS page, under the NEWS, CONTACTS & COMMUNITY heading on this website. Presentations specifically presented at the Body Mind Spirt Expos, will be posted on the BODY MIND SPIRIT page for that year (the next presentations are slated for the BMS Expo being held in April, 2015).

All of our presentations focus on the science of what was ocean called the Great Arcanum. These presentations are graphics and image heavy, as we document all we do in the field and in the laboratory, and because “a picture is worth a thousand words.” This documentation (still photos, video and special FX animations in 2.5D and 3D) helps to tell a story that is, at its roots both esoteric, and deeply scientific. Additionally, the implications of what we are revealing directly impacts core paradigms extant on this planet, at this time. In our time Western European and American thinking predominate.

Steeped in Eurocentric materialism, and burdened with over two millennia of corrupted religious dogmatics, it is truly difficult to obtain a lucid, coherent understanding of just what the ancient esoteric world view was about. At TETRASKELE® we are presenting the true principles, as taught by the ancients, from a 21st Century perspective, in utilizing redefined terms drawn our own version of a 21st Century occult lexicon.

Note: Eventually our definitions for most of the occult terms used within the pages of this website,
will be posted on our

We are all about Sacred Science; as the esotericist and polymath R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz called it. Our goal is to integrate the world of the physical with that of the spiritual; and we deliver. This is not existential, new age syncretism, but represents the integration of empirical science and metaphysics.

Among the themes we address in our courses, "The Secret Destiny of America," is but a single example of topics that unique to our facility. The work and theories of some of the greatest minds in the history of science, are regularly presented, and in laymen's terms, in order to revisit and demystify otherwise complex topics such as: archaeoastronomy, aetheric cosmology, alchemy, ancient astrology, occult rituals and connections to entheogenic sacraments, the tradition of the labyrinth dance and Heiros Gamos, the decipherment of the savior myths of antiquity, the true, ancient Kabbalah, Chi/Prana energy and its relation to Feng Shui, evolution of Yoga and connection to the Elixir of Life, the hidden science behind the Flower of Life and Sacred Geometry, and so on. Entheogenic rituals and origins, various practices and their sacramental components, the neurochemistry of consciousness, the CIA and suppression of the science behind Marijuana, LSD-25, on-going projects utilizing the Mind Control techniques of MKUltra, and dozens of other equally enlightening topics, provide new insights into the history of mankind and the foundation of civilization.

We invite you to look at the schedule of upcoming 90-minute Seminars, and Weekend Workshops if you are interested in participating. For a map of our store’s location, please click here.

Tetraskele offers a learning experience like no other . . . Science for your Third Eye!

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Our STORE HOURS (for the Summer and Fall) are Tuesday – Saturday, from 2pm – 7pm, PST. Hours are subject to change, so please be sure to check our time on this page before heading to our facility. We can be reached by phone during business hours, or you can leave a message to request a call back. See map here.
PHONE 503.397.3164