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©2013 Dorian Taddei

Tetraskele is part of a small organization dedicated to the on-going re-discovery of sacred occult science, and the hidden history of esoteric practitioners. As we uncover this other history — interwoven into what we currently accept as history — the past takes on a completely new aspect. These discoveries are truly ground-breaking, and will force historians, anthropologists and archaeologists (not to mention theologians, philosophers and the rest of us), to question some of the basic foundational premises upon which conventional understanding rests. Not only will history never be the same again, but almost every field of the sciences is affected. This is a bold claim. And yet, the hard evidence of advanced sciences in the far distant past presented in these pages, should give the most ardent 'skeptic' a wake-up call. Such claims will certainly infuriate some, who will ask the obvious question: "If such advanced knowledge was once extant among ancient societies, then where is it now, where did it go?" We will suggest some answers to this riddle as we unravel this esoteric past within the pages of this website. This is a commercial website, but our goals are far from materialistic. Our intent is to both educate, and to make available tools for the on-going personal exploration of human consciousness. Part of this process — a critical part — concerns life extension, and just as important as long life of learning is, extending and even increasing the vitality of the body as we increase the life of the body, is fundamental goal. After all, no one wants to live a long and painful or disabled life, if at all possible. These archaic technologies, Rediscovered in a new age of technical enlightenment, are being re-purposed enhanced and assembled in a logical fashion to accomplish these goals for mankind, starting here, at Tetraskele, Inc.

A documentary of our on-going discoveries is also in the works. However, as we peel back the layers of ancient, esoteric knowledge, we are re-visiting many areas of science from entirely new perspectives. From this evolving paradigm new solutions for health and longevity, and an understanding of ever deepening connections between the aetheric fabric of space-reality and the intent of the ALL, makes it difficult to stop at any point in the process of the Rediscovery, before yet another discovery shifts this paradigm once more.

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We stand in opposition to the drug-addiction and reactive medicine of allopathic medicine, in favor of a holistic, and integrated health-promoting lifestyle. We believe that we have, in our laboratory, a piece of the alchemical puzzle to which the famous Renaissance alchemist, physician, astrologer and natural philosopher, Paracelsus, spoke of when he referred to the use of mineral-based alchemical medicines. He understood that the 'Philosopher’s Stone' (or Universal Elixir) was an alchemical preparation made from the mineral kingdom. The first stage — of a two-stage process — which lead to the realization of the Philosopher's Stone, was known as the Green Dragon. In Asia and Asia Minor, the Green Dragon elixir was known by many names, but among the most famous was Amrita — the Nectar of Life – remembered in the myths of the 'Churning of the Ocean of Milk,' or, Samudra Manthan. We offer this Green Dragon elixir in our store, as Amrita•Elixir®. Paracelsus was not alone in believing that when properly prepared, the mineral stone, in minute dilutions, could end sickness and retard aging indefinitely, transmuting the human organism, setting mankind on the pat to immortality. And yet, the mineral-based elixirs were not the only tool in the alchemists bag of tricks. Paracelsus, and Glauber after him, applied their many skills and the acquired knowledge to the healing go mankind from its ubiquitous illnesses. Men (and women) of this ilk knew plant preparations were also very important, and these were used IN ADDITION TO MINERAL ELIXIRS, for healing specific illnesses and infirmities. It is held that it was the polymath Paracelsus who coined the term 'spagyric,' referring to the principle of both mineral and vegetable alchemical preparations. Spagyric means "to separate, and [re]combine." It is in the operations that divide molecular and polymer structures wherein the magic of the true Menstruum lies.

this evolution of mankind was driven by the spiritual quest for increased consciousness, as well the intellectual pursuits of the mind. However, the lapis philosophorum is merely a vehicle which prepares the human body for its spiritual progression, by transmuting it and freeing it from the cumulative effects of sickness and imbalances which accelerate the early demise of the body. Those whose search for immortality lead them to the stone, increased their chances of reaching the spiritual and intellectual goals which might require centuries to attain, and which most cannot attain due to their shortened lifetimes. In other words, the "Philosopher's Stone" is a means to an end: that end being the transmutation of the body and spirit of man into a form compared by the ancients to that of the brilliance of the Sun, allegorically. Hence, it was said that the alchemists' goal was the transmutation of the crude matter into gold. The foolish sought the riches of this earth, but the wise knew that the greatest treasures were those of immortality and eternal life, and also knew one was not gained without the other. Alchemy, is the personal, holistic art of ascension. The goal of Tetraskele is to rediscover and promote the truths encoded into ancient mythos, and to assist in the spiritual evolution of the soul (body<=>mind) of men and women everywhere. All of our products assist — in one way or another — in the attainment of that goal. Whether we offer the elixir of life, mineral supplements rich in the Quinta Essentia, books and studies rife with eternal truth and principles, or the best sacred science toys' and games — which encourage in the young, or the young at heart new insights — the same purpose is served. Whether of the spirit, the mind, or of the body, it is the same: "As Above . . . So Below."

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An unusual outcropping of metamorphosed sandstone appears as a serpent's head. Seen from a viewing site 1/2 mile up the adjacent canyon, this serpent is seen to hold the full moon in its throat (cross quarter days), echoing the ancient occidental stories of the "Churning of the Ocean of Milk" (mythical story about the science of the Elixir of Life), and answers to the identities of Rahu/Kal — serpent that eats the moon! Only a stone's throw from the famous Ship Rock (comet impact peak) in the Four Corners area of the American Southwest, this site features extensive alchemical harvesting, and even includes a massive "baptismal" bowl atop the serpent's head. There are few better examples of the religion of ancient India (modern Pakistan, Afghanistan and northern India and Nepal) than this rock art site.


As part of an 13 year-long, privately funded research project (and documentary), the discoveries of petroglyphic evidence supporting the diffusion of ancient wisdom from the Old World to the New World is nothing less than the proverbial 'smoking gun.' This website is part of a system of sites dedicated to aspects of these discoveries. Our sister site focuses on the alchemical side of these discoveries, while the website is a presentation of evidence and discussions centered on the occult truths embodied in the esoteric practices of ancient times, and stresses the secret knowledge of the existence of the New World, and associated sacred sciences, as traditions passed from one age of man to the next. (Such traditions are exemplified in the myth of the "Churning of the Ocean of Milk," as well as many others stories, some dating from antiquity). Although Tetraskele, Inc is not affiliated with Theosophy, Mormonism, current Gnostic organizations, or other religions of any sort, we seek truth where it is found. If the seeker of light spends the time, and is in possession of both a clear mind and tuned soul, and spends the time to seek for truth, it will be discovered that the truly ancient esoteric brotherhoods and religions were all based in the same cosmological fundamentals. We prefer to call such groups cosmo-religions. Fundamental cosmological truths have been planted as seeds in the minds of humanity down through the ages. Great men and women have carried the torch in order to deliver these truths (in one form or another) down through the long epochs of time. Although most of these torch bearers were themselves "twice born" oracles, even less accomplished students of the ancient occult secrets may bring to light aspects of the ancient and eternal truths from the dust of obscurity. In our modern age, with so much information spread across the Internet and in books and publications, video and radio broadcasts, it can be a daunting task for for an individual to determine which facts and ideas are true and fully realized, and what might be man-made, or have been garbled through transmission. This requires gnosis on the part of the seeker.

The deepest cosmological truths were never taught to any but initiates — constrained by oaths never to reveal the sacred secrets of the Arcanum. Although light has poured forth in our age, the core cosmology beneath it all has remained a 'sealed book' for all but these initiates and oracles. Gnosis can be received by any who attune themselves to the principles of Heaven, however, the individual remains free to loose that light at any time. Higher consciousness is the Greater Work of spiritual evolution. We recognize many great bodhisattvas, oracles, prophets and enlightened teachers have received portions of the great light down through the ages. Even into modern times the most unlikely individuals have received a portion, the author of this work as well. We see no harm in recognizing the accomplishments of enlightened individuals, no matter their station in life.

One of the more recent recipients of the ancient cosmo-religion was the "prophet" Joseph Smith. Like others before him, this oracle received an initiation into the ancient occult truths at a very young age. By fourteen he already sought for his re-birthing, and received this in a forest clearing in the American frontier (1820). Following this ego-dissolution experience, he received on-going communications by immortals (commonly referred to as angels in modern Christian traditions). He received a Urim and Thummim ("perfection and lights"), and an ancient ESOTERIC record, etched into the copper-gold alloy plates of a hermetically-sealed book. He was told that the "Fullness of the Gospel" was contained within the pages of this codex. However, Joseph had much to learn about relying upon HIS "Greater Eye," and due to youthful weakness and desire to obtain funding from a source opposed to spiritual illumination, he defied his own revelatory gifts and passed sacred texts to enemies of light. He not only lost his ability to translate, but the plates themselves were removed from his protection. After six months he would again return to translating the ancient texts, but would not receive the same plates, but an EXOTERIC version of them. These were apparently compiled (perhaps with insights into the frailties of the human soul) from brass only (reducing the desire of evilly disposed individuals to steal them), and containing only about one third of the deeper esoteric truths recorded in the original codex. A disaster for Smith, and a great loss to those who would later be called the Mormons. Even today the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints insists that it is in possession of the "Fullness of the Gospel," despite this loss. So such for human objectivism.

We pause in our own dialog at this point, to offer a couple pearls from a Theosophist overview of Masonry, as it was understood by a founder of this movement, Madame Blavatsky. The excerpt highlighted below comes highly recommended. The title of the online document is: "THE RIGHT ANGLE – MASONRY." (From the Theosophical Writings of H.P. Blavatsky, compiled by Geoffrey Farthing). Although H.P. Blavatsky was not the first to understand historical occult principles (and her syncretist reconstructions are often misleading), she did manage to publish many books and treatises on this topic, calling attention to truths dismissed as Asian fairytales by the beginning of the 19th century, to become accepted as legitimate (albeit esoteric) history by an international audience. As with any great thinker, some of her ideas were her own interpretation of fundamental truths. Other concepts came from purer streams of historic knowledge. But whatever the case, the basic ideas expressed in the following excerpts have been verified through our own research. We now have hard evidence, and advanced scientific insights, which oracles and enlightened individuals such as Smith and Blavatsky did not. We dedicate these groundbreaking discoveries to her memory. Throughout these pages we will attempt to present this ancient illumination in a new light of understanding.

Excerpt from: The Right Angle – Masonry

The following extracts from H.P. Blavatsky's (H.P.B.'s) voluminous works are intended to give some information about Masonry and the flavor of her thinking on the subject as she dealt with it over the period of her writing from 1875 to 1891.


Masonry was, in its origin, simply archaic Gnosticism, or early esoteric Christianity; Church Ritualism was, and is, exoteric paganism, pure and simple - remodeled, we do not say reformed. Read the works of Ragon, a Mason who forgot more than the Masons of today know. Study, collating them together, the casual but numerous statements made by Greek and Latin writers, many of whom were Initiates, most learned Neophytes and partakers of the Mysteries. Read finally the elaborate and venomous slanders of the Church Fathers against the Gnostics, the Mysteries and their Initiates - and you may end by unravelling the truth. It is a few philosophers who, driven by the political evens of the day, tracked and persecuted by the fanatical Bishops of early Christianity - who had yet neither fixed ritual nor dogmas nor Church - it is these Pagans who founded the latter. Blending most ingeniously the truths of the Wisdom-religion with the exoteric fictions so dear to the ignorant mobs, it is they who laid the first foundations of ritualistic Churches and of the Lodges of modern Masonry. The latter fact was demonstrated by Ragon in his ANTE-OMNIAE of the modern Liturgy compared with the ancient Mysteries, and showing the rituals conducted by the early Masons; the former may be ascertained by a like comparison of the Church canonicals, the sacred vessels, and the festivals of the Latin and other Churches and Masonry have widely diverged since the days when both were one. If asked how a profane can know it, the answer comes: ancient and modern Freemasonry are an obligatory study with every Eastern Occultist. [C.W.XI, 71]


“...if the students of the dead languages know anything, they ought to know that the method of extreme necessitarianism was practised in ancient as well as in modern Philosophy: that from the first ages of man, the fundamental truths of all that we are permitted to know on earth were in the safe keeping of the Adepts of the sanctuary; that the difference in creeds and religious practice was only external; and that those guardians of the primitive divine revelation, who had solved every problem that is within the grasp of human intellect, were bound together by a universal freemasonry of science and philosophy, which formed one unbroken chain around the globe. It is for philology and the Orientalists to endeavour to find the end of the thread. But if they will persist in seeking it in one direction only, and that the wrong one, truth and fact will never be discovered. It thus remains the duty of psychology and Theosophy to help the world to arrive at them." [C.W.XIII, 264]


"The Secret Doctrine teaches us that the arts, sciences, theology, and especially the philosophy of every nation which preceded the last universally known, but not universal Deluge, has been recorded ideographically from the primitive oral records of the Fourth Race, and that these were the inheritance of the latter from the early Third Root-Race before the allegorical Fall. Hence, also, the Egyptian pillars, the tablets and even the "white Oriental porphyry stone" of the Masonic legend - which Enoch, fearing that the real and precious secrets would be lost, concealed before the Deluge in the bowels of the Earth - were simply the more or less symbolical and allegorical copies from the primitive Records." [S.D.II, 530]


"They (the Cyclops) [NOTE: this refers to those enlightened ones who deferred for insights to their Greater or Third eye — the Pineal Gland — rather than reason only] are called "Builders", and Occultism calls them the INITIATORS, who, initiating some Pelasgians, thus laid the foundation stone of true MASONRY." [S.D.II, 345 fn]


"… the substance of the Kabbalah is the basis upon which masonry is built, since modern Masonry is undeniably the dim and hazy reflection of primeval Occult Masonry, of the teaching of those divine Masons who established the Mysteries of the prehistoric and prediluvian Temples of Initiation, raised by truly superhuman Builders." [C.W.XIV, 168]


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The following shots were taken at what is arguably one of the most important rock art sites in North America. Its actual location is a secret, but we will share with our readers that it is located on the edge of the Mojave Desert in Eastern California. Based on two years of prior research, a once-in-nineteen-year lunar alignment is documented in the photographs below. Predicted by the author to be recorded by a specific set of stone alignments, as indicated by various symbols, this alignment occurred at the precise moment of the local full moon rise, on Imbolc (the ancient Celtic cross-quarter day). These were recorded on film as they occurred, at the moment predicted, showing that the ancient secret calendars can now be read, and their meanings determined with great accuracy. To view the alignment the hierophant would sit on a rock seat with his feet in a triple target petroglyph (symbol of lunar syzygies), and look along a path that passes over a libation bowl ground into the dolomite of the site (used for the religious preparation and sacramental ingestion of amrita-soma). By sighting through the 'V' shaped slot carved in a testicle-shaped stone, and aligning it with a large shiva linga (this unique structure is clearly identifiable as an ancient Armenian-style 'shiva linga'), the full moon alignment occurs when the moon intersects the established line-of-sight, and the point where the observer's eye, sighting along this double-stone 'target,' crosses the local horizon — established by the mountain range lying to the east of the site. (Figs. 1-2)

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Shot of the Armenian-style shiva linga stone set (like a rifle site) at an esoteric petroglyph site in the Mojave Desert [Fig. 2]

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Predicted full-moon alignment (which occurs only once every 19 years) is captured by digital camera, on the evening of the Imbolc 'cross-quarter' day, February 2nd, 2007 [Fig. 3]

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An ancient Armenian (gold) medallion with both male and female genitalia (See [Fig. 4]

The logic is unescapable. These ancient occult scientists not only used astronomy for religious reasons, but also for navigation required for transoceanic travel. Throughout the Great Basin of North America, and astrology of the Old World is plainly manifest at thousands of petroglyph sites. There are numerous sites at other locations across the North America, however, it is in the arid deserts of the western coasts of both North as well as South America, where both the mineralogy (driven by plate tectonics) and the omnipresent open vistas (absolutely necessary for serious, and extended astrological measurements), made the practice of astrologically-timed alchemy highly practical. These esoteric traditions were brought to the Americas from the Old World as part of an on-going practice of trade and evangelism. Although esoteric communities came and went, and shifted their centers of operation many times over millennia, the pure cosmological religion they taught endured. It is for this reason that, despite the fact that almost 100 'native american' languages were extant in United States alone (during the beginning of the twentieth century), in a land encompassing 3.79 million square miles (9.83 million km2), there was only one core religion: a religion based in the worship of the once true God, or Great Spirit. What are the odds of that? Now, we can learn to read the rocks in both lands (the Old World and the New World or "Underworld" as the ancients called it). As we roll out the web site, we are finally taking this research — and the technologies developed in the aftermath of these groundbreaking discoveries — to the public. Our newly re-gained knowledge of this secret, sacred science on the desert rocks of America's Great Basin, may well lead to a New Renaissance of ancient alchemy; from the same spiritual alchemical and astrological crucible from which the majority of the world's myths were once forged. This is truly a land of the firebird, or phoenix.


The single most important product developed as a result of our research is nothing less the fabled "Amrita," known universally recoded in sacred texts from throughout Asia as the 'elixir of immortality.' Following the Medieval occupation of Andalusia by the Arabs, through to the Renaissance, these same elixirs would become known as the fabled Green Dragon or Green Lion elixir. Amrita is the flagship product of Spagyric Arts, LLC. It was also the first of two stages of the alchemical process that ultimately was said to produce the lapis philosophorum, or Philosopher's Stone. In Asia, as in Europe, specific alchemical operations where conducted under luni-solar conjunctions. Why? Those interested in alchemy need to understand that there is the connection between alchemy and astrology, and that this is real science, not pseudo-science. It is fairly clear that the now famous stone henge in the highlands of Armenia, a site known as Karahunj, was used for the sort of long-term astronomical observations required for the establishment of such astrological cycles as we see encoded into rock art in the Great Basin of North America. And yet there is no evidence that Amerindians worked these cycles out in the basin, for there are no 'stone henges' anywhere in the western states which could have been used for such accurate observations. Although some sites do exist in the East which might have been used for making the proper observations, these existed some 6,000 years after the older sites in Nevada were established. This leaves the obvious question unanswered: “Where did the Amerindians of the Great Basin (and in fact, this goes for almost all known American “Indian Nations” who, at one time or another, were learned in astrology) gain their sophisticated knowledge of astronomy? The answer is two-fold. First, some who came here from the Old World (Navajo, Hopis, Chumash, Tohono O’odham, and others) or intermingled their cultures and genetics with those visiting the New World (like the Yuchi and Zuni). These Old World peoples which preceded them brought the knowledge with them. Secondly, this same knowledge would continue to flow into North America as those occult hierophants that travelled here to initiate the Amerindians, contented to share their sacred science with these tribal peoples clear up into the coronet era.

The Old World esoteric brotherhoods who frequented this hemisphere taught spiritual truths, as well as the esoteric use of mineral “elixirs” to the Amerindians. in so doing they establishing esoteric orders here in North, Central and South America. Along with this esoteric knowledge, they taught Amerindian peoples how to recognize, and count lunisolar cycles in order to predict many of the syzygies which were easily observable with the naked-eye. With these counts they could calculate the Saros Cycle eclipses, both lunar and solar.

Stacks Image 4022


As explored in our pages titled DHARMEs & THE MÖBIUS BOND, we explain the atomic theory of what was once known as the Quinta Essentia in Europe, and as PunjAmrit(a) (five Amritas) in Asia. We have applied a descriptive name to them of DHARMEs, which stands for "Diatomic Homonuclear, Aetehric-Resonant Metallic Elementals." This is explained in full on these pages.

Based on the electrostatic neutrality of DHARMEs, we hold that they create some interesting effects in suspension with electrically polar water molecules, especially during lunar conjunctions and lunar opposition. These anomalous conditions — arising from aqueous solutions with high DHARMEs saturations — appear to be what the alchemists referred to in ancient times as a MENSTRUUM. Today the definition and properties of the menstruum have been corrupted by the modern misinterpretation of ancient alchemical terms, as well as by the false scientific claims that an aether does not exist. ALL ancient understanding and sacred sciences were based on a true understanding of aether cosmology and its dynamics.

We account for the tradition of beginning or ending certain alchemical operations at the times of lunar and solar conjunctions, base on the aetheric conditions manifested by these conjuctio. The most influential astrological conjuctio working upon alchemical processes are luni-solar..

Furthermore, t. This holds both from observed violations of stoichiometric predictions we've observed in the laboratory, when oxidation-reduction occurs during periods of extreme lunar-solar opposition. This not only holds specifically for the lunar eclipses, but occurs even during 100% full moons. We model this as a reaction to the flattening of the aetheric environment between the two opposed forces of the lunar and solar aetheric-gravitational distortion. produces a resistance to normal interactions between solutes, as DHARMEs tend to move into their own form of molecules opposition, aligning themselves in equidistant to one another. This is due to a flattening of the 3D ethic environment, as well as the nature of water as a polar molecule. s the moon is aligned to the horizon following sunset, or during These anomalies, we believe, can only be most economically explained by the flattening of the aetheric environment during lunar opposition, and by increased aetheric activity — brought about through imbalances — generated during solar-lunar conjuctio.

Stacks Image 104

Energetic electrical phenomena stimulating the Earth's Ionosphere. This is analogous to what the alchemical “elixirs of life” do within the human body.

Sadly, the modern world view, dominated as it is by Western materialist science, and still embracing many of the false beliefs concerning 'occult' practices which resulted from of centuries of post-Inquisitional Christian propaganda, still largely ignores the reality of a sophisticated science which remained extant in the world. Even as a thousand years of spiritual and intellectual darkness descended upon Europe and beliefs in a 'flat earth' predominated, such patently false ideas have not been abandoned by our society. Ironically, a belief had by many (in total ignorance) is that the ancient esoteric (occult) religions and orders which thrived in Asia and Asian Minor, for millennia, were somehow evil, and based in superstitions. The opposite is the truth. It is we, in the western world, who have forgotten who, and what we are. We have also lost touch with the true cosmology. However, not ALL scientists are ignorant of the truth . . . but that's another story.

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