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Modern Version of the Alchemical & Supplemental Regimen of the ancient Alchemist-Astrologer-Priests

The REBIS REGIMEN® is our premium one-moonth's supply of our principle alchemical elixirs and supplements. This is our sacred scientific answer to preventative medicine. It is an accurate reproduction of the alchemical/supplemental regimens of the ancient hermetic, esoteric and occult orders and sects of the world. The regimen consists of the following natural products:

  • Two elixirs, AMRITA•ELIXIR® and AZOTH•ELIXIR®)
  • Two potent, natural primeval Ca+Mg and Mg supplements , MAGI'S BLEND® pure white dolomite and QUINTAZENTIAL® transdermal liquid magnesium, respectively.
  • Our exclusive, high potency Dionysys' grape seed extract. This extraordinary supplement contains 200mg of Polyphenolics® (MegaNatural® brand) grape seed extract (95+ OPCs, or oligomeric proanthocyanidins), and 250mg of 100% pure, non-GMO sourced (NutriBiotics® brand) Vitamin C, per capsule. The two ingredients in our formula are the finest, American-made products available, hand-capsulated (eliminating dangerous additives used by commercial producers to reduce lumping in automatic capsuling machines). We use no fillers, and American-manufactured VCaps (veggie capsules).

The REBIS REGIMEN® revitalizes the immune system, assisting your own body to do the job it does best, better. The results are immediately felt, and work synergistically to increase human longevity and vitality by boosting various aspects of the human immune system.


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