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The 'innate' (meaning: "present from birth") part of the immune system has a number of set strategies for recognizing and dealing with certain kinds of infection, without needing to be "trained.” This ’training’ was done by our genetic ancestors. This part of the immune system basically involves specific cells that detect the protein signatures (antigens) of foreign objects (pollen), pathogens (germs) and parasites in the bloodstream. These cells then follow the trail to the site of infection, and neutralize these foreign bodies or pathogens with special chemicals, before digesting them (a process known as 'phagocytosis'). Such cells are generally called white blood cells – (but specifically known as 'macrophages' and 'neutrophils').

This approach is very effective for many infections, but many ‘germs’ have developed ways of avoiding detection. Viruses often mutate in order to confuse the immune system (flu viruses). For instance, viruses can be particularly difficult to detect and target because they are much smaller, even than bacteria, and can actually hide and multiply within body’s own cells. Some viruses, like the Herpes strains, go into hiding within the nerve cell bundles, laying dormant until the immune system weakens, before rearing up and spreading (once again) into new tissues and cells. These viruses can NEVER be totally eliminated.

Anciently, before the modern age, there was a legend of a 'golden age.' The traditional of this age maintains that the ancients had what we today think of as advanced scientific techniques and miracles cures.

claimed that For this reason only a HIGHLY ACTIVE immune system can keep them in check. And, because these viruses can drive Cancer tissues, the only way to remain free of long-term effects is using an Alchemical Elixir that drives the immune system NEGentropically!


The other part of the immune response is called the 'adaptive' immune system. Unlike the innate immune system, it isn't able to respond instantly to infections, as it needs time to adapt (or learn) to recognize them. Once it has learned, however, it is extremely effective and is also able to 'remember' particular germs that have previously infected the body, so that if, or when, they try to infect the body again, the next response is rapid, accurate, and effective.

The Green Dragon elixirs literally drive a primary mechanism of this system — Clathrin-Mediated Endocytosis — into high gear, in a process analogous to accelerating the processor in a computer. These mineral-based elixirs contain DHARMEs that vibrate in the Terahertz (THz) frequency range. These frequencies cascade down within the interstitial fluids of the body, harmonically driving the production of ‘clathrin cages.’ This increase in number of clathrin cages, dramatically increases the processing speed of the Adaptive Immune system, by vibrationally increasing the production ‘clathrin’ cages, resulting in a major increase in the level of ‘clathrin-mediated endocytosis’ at antigen receptor sites on the surface of the Mediator T Cells.

Thus, NEW THREATS to our bodies are met with swiftly, almost completely ending the chance of a NEW virus or bacterium taking hold of our bodies. This is PROACTIVE, TACTICAL enhancement of the body’s own immune system, and, as such, is simply the smartest way we can begin the defense of our bodies from pathogens.

Doctors can trick the body into producing a memory to a particular infection by using vaccines (harmless versions of germs) to create immune 'memory'. This gives you protection without having to experience the dangers of a real infection. However, this ONLY works well for those viruses that remain genetically the same. For viral infections like the Flu viruses, that are constantly mutating, vaccines are all but useless.

Cell-mediated immunity is directed primarily at microbes that survive in phagocytes and microbes that infect non-phagocytic cells. It is most effective in removing virus-infected cells, but also participates in defending against fungi, protozoans, cancers, and intracellular bacteria.

The vitality of this part of our immune system plays a vital role in balancing the responses of the Autoimmune System (read below). This means that the vitality of cell -mediated immunity can be used to re-engineer the Autoimmune System.


Once the adaptive immune system has developed lymphocytes aware of the new pathogenic signature — both antigen-based information as well as vibrational ”signature” of the pathogenic (or other source of) antigens, these newly minted lymphocytes coordinate and focus the immune system's response to target the newly infection. Additionally, an elegant molecule, called the 'antibody', is also produced in huge numbers during an adaptive response. These move through the bloodstream during an infection, targeting germs with incredible accuracy. It is thought that the human immense system may be able create enough antibodies to recognize over 1 billion target pathogens.

It should be mentioned that allopathic solutions to viral infections are ONLY effective if the solution is given sufficiently in advance of the first symptoms of the infection. Immunization using a vaccine may work for viruses that do not mutate significantly. However, they are less useful, even totally ineffective, in cases of avidly mutating viruses.

The advantages of accelerating the front end responses of the adaptive immune response vibrationally, without allopathic drugs, are THREE-FOLD:

1) An immediately detected invasion of pathogens (or exogenous organic material containing antigens, like pollen, spoors, etc) can be recognized, and responded to in such short notice that the body has sufficient time to build an immune response capable of overcoming this threat quickly enough to defend itself against even the most invasive new disease with the speed necessary to serious (and possibly deadly) infection.

2) As the body’s immune system ramps up, over extended use of the “elixir of life,” all the cells of the immune system are eventually replaced with newly ‘trained’ cells. An informal study of the effects of taking these elixirs over a period of 9 years, has revealed that this re-vamped adaptive immune system directly affects the responses of the autoimmune system. As these newly encoded cells replace the old, the autoimmune system resets itself, and does not over-react to repeated exposure to non-pathogenic threats! For example, the autoimmune system, trained to over-react to antigens from the suddenly rising levels of foreign antigens entering the body exposed to rapidly escalating levels of pollen, no longer over-reacts, and appears to identify the difference between a perceived and real threat. In this study, as the cells of the blood stream sinus membrane and eventually the eyes, are replaced (in roughly 3-5, 5-8 and 10 years respectively), the body’s adaptive autoimmune system over-reaction syndrome — commonly referred to as allergies — is significantly reduced!

3) Using the “elixirs of life” the human being can survive initial infection by potentially deadly viruses, without the loss of life, thus allowing for acquisition of a natural immunization against the pathogen. This would be preferable to the use of most if not all, modern vaccines.