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TETRASKELE® closed its retail store in July of 2014, but continues to provide its unique and mind-expanding gifts and medicines to a growing number of clients. Our line of Alchemical Elixirs and Supplements — produced by SPAGYRICARTS® — are available online. We still distribute the finest of medicines of the ancient world, produced by PALEO-PHARMACOPEIA® , as well as offering a unique collection of esoteric and alternative science books, Gifts for the Third Eye, natural (primarily organic and wild-crafted) QUINTessentia® essential oils (for diffusion, massage and essential oil creations), as well as original, 100% natural Parfums and Colognes by ALQEMY®.

SPAGYRICARTS's re-discovery of ancient alchemical principles, and the actual source minerals once used by ancient alchemists in the New World and in Northern Europe, inspired the re-creation of the ancient alchemical elixirs and supplements. Available as two-week and one month regimens, the KEMI Sampler® Pack, and RebisRegimen®, products, respectively, make trying these life extending, and revitalizing elixirs and supplements affordable and practical. You can take advantage of this fantastic low price on all individual products, including the full regimen packages, or independent products.


PALEO-PHARMACOPEIA® products are also reduced 25% for this week only, and include all three of their flagship products: the immune-system modulating, adaptogenic and anti–bacterial mushroom teas and extracts of Cretaceous Chaga®, ulcer-suppressing; antibacterial natural resign gum – Mastic•Chewing Gum® – used for millennia by Mediterranean civilizations (Mastic gum being the etymological root of the word mastication, these aromatic resin 'tears' are harvested from Pistacia lentiscus evergreen trees on the Chios Islands of Greece); and the natural and non-acidic headache and pain reducing extract from which aspirin was originally synthesized, Salix•White Willow Extract®.

All of the ancient health promoting, preventative medicines presented by PALEO-PHARMACOPEIA® are presented in their natural forms, or as concentrated tinctures, made with organic, non-GMO based alcohols, from the finest source herbs and aromatic resins. These are truly the oldest and safest, natural, time-tested medicines on earth.


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Stay tuned for announcements of upcoming public seminar events, sales and more! We began featuring occasional audio PodCasts starting November, 21st, 2014. Today, the 26th of December, 2015 (Christmas) we announce the coming presentations of our long-awaited web-video subscription ‘sacred science’ series, based upon our original science series called Revolutionibus. This up-coming series will be a webcasted weekly or bi-weekly production hosted by Tetraskele founder Dorian Taddei, and his wife Catherine Taddei. These shows will reveal science hidden for millennia within many forms, but now being revealed for the first time to a non-initiated public.

These podcasts will be a venue for the release of heretofore unpublished discoveries relating our esoteric reconstruction of the history of this planet, the re-discovery of real alchemy, and so much more. Announcements for these Webcasts will go out on January 1st of 2016.

Sign up HERE for production release notifications via e-mail, or simply go to the CONTACTS & COMMUNITY section of this website, and click on the “NEWS CONTRACT FORM.”

Thank you for your interest and patronage.