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Since closing the physical Tetraskele facility (2014) we decided to continue some of our public outreach through an organization we have named: Sophia Aeterna (Eternal Wisdom). Sophia Aeterna has been set up as a online forum, and holds occasional "MeetUp" Seminar/"get-togethers" and hosts a couple of occult archaeological expeditions during good weather — Spring thru Fall. We have kept this up since 2015-2016, and hope to offer more MeetUp Seminars and Expeditions in 2017, and urge those interested to contact us trough MeetUps with questions, or join MeetUps and get involved.


We like to refer to the ancient Perennial Philosophy as the ‘Cosmological Religion,’ we hold that it was based on a fundamental knowledge of true aetheric cosmology. The reconstruction and decipherment of the 'sacred science' of the Arcanum, as it appears to have once existed in the Golden Age (circa 15,000-17,000 BCE) is our goal. We do not believe that the Golden Age saw the dissemination of this wisdom to every corner of the globe, but the evidence appears that a great deal was known of the true aetheric cosmology in truly ancient times, and the evidence supports the conjecture that this knowledge was preserved and passed down — to one degree or another — through one or more occult centers on Earth since those times. However, as gnosis (revelation) is open to al people, and because all knowledge and aver that every experience of every living thing in the Universe is recorded in the amplitude variations within this aetheric system (so-called "Akashic Record"), this knowledge is always and eternally accessible by those who can access it. This is only done through dream visions, or through entheogen-induced "ego dissolution." The access of this eternal record by the Spirit is was once called Gnosis: DIRECT-KNOWING.

From a combination of gnosis (direct revelation), over 45 years of occult research and 30 years of on-going research and discoveries in the arena of aetheric physics, Dorian has gained a unique perspective on the ancient orders and their teachings. Having undergone over 500 ego-dissolution sessions in his lifetime, his experience "seeing with naked awareness" (Tibetan term for states of ego-dissolution), these experiences have given Dorian a unique perspective on the aether cosmology and the aetheric fundamentals of consciousness itself.

In the Tibetan Book of the Great Liberation, (title given to it by W.Y. Evans-Wentz, 1954, the ancient records of those who compiled their personal experiences of ego-death, and attempted to map the experience of death and reincarnation, can be found. Undergoing ego-dissolution to experience the states of consciousness that follow actual separation from ego consciousness (which is the spiritual aspect of death), these ancient cybernauts attempted to map these experiences in order to assist others in controlling their next incarnations. This controlled reincarnation, when executed properly, allows CONTIGUOUS CONSCIOUSNESS from lifetime to lifetime. The Egyptians revered this as the Horian Path. Likewise, this was the teaching of Krishna, and it is what Jesus Iduin (Jesus, Son of Mary) showed the world was not only possible, but our spiritual imperative.

To the Tibetans, Self-Liberation (rang-grol) represents the very essence of the tradition known to them as Dzogchen, "the Great Perfection." In Tibet is revered as the highest and most esoteric teaching of the Buddha. This is understood to be accessed only through a contemplative state of pure awareness or Rigpa, which lies beyond the mind and its mundane operations: those that constitute "Samsara."

Once the true nature of the aether is comprehended, we add critical tools necessary for the successful navigation of this condition beyond Ego. Based on such insights and accumulated esoteric wisdom, we have synthesized a simple model to explain the stages of human spiritual evolution which naturally lead to the attainment of what the Gnostics of Egypt called "Eternal Life," or what the early American occultist and oracle Joseph Smith called: "A continuation of the Lives."

The ancient Labyrinth and Maypole dances and ritual initiations can be traced back at least as far as 22,000 years before present, to well before the first of the two Ice Ages, to what is now Siberia. The Tetraskele Trademark is a modern variant of a labyrinth petroglyph found in Siberia, dating back to this period. It combines three essential principles required by occultists who are attempting to engineer their own evolution — and the attainment of this "continuation of THE LIVES" — into one symbol. These three are:

1) Symbol of the equilateral cross of Prima Materia, encoding the FIVE quinta essential (D.H.A.R.M.E. di-atoms of mineral alchemy), or the TREE OF LIFE
2) The Gammadion or Tetraskele (abreviated in the Swastika), representing the tessellated microcosmic aether, as projected into the visual cortex (under ego-disolution) as Form Geometry
3) The Labyrinth of reincarnation

We have decided to compress these into FIVE basic stages of human spiritual evolution, that we refer to as the path of the ‘Five Ts.’ These stages are as follows:

Theology => Theosophy => Teleology => Telesthesia => Theurgy

Systematic development of religious theories and disciplines which assist entry level initiates to build a foundation of knowledge based in true principles (both spiritual as well as scientific) based strictly in eternal cosmological principles. (Chokmah)


Recognition that a knowledge of God requires more than a correct concept of what a God is, and that the goal is to become a god. One must also understand what God himself had to do to reach His own (primordial) state of at-one-ness: spirit and body conjoined.

This is the stage where a ritual baptism would be performed, as the initiate symbolically separates themselves from the illusion of Maya.

~Spiritual Transition

At this stage all natural phenomena is recognized as serving the higher purposes of God and The ALL. The soul’s understanding expands as one seeks to become aware of, and harmonize with the universe’s purposes. This awareness is not merely empirical, and assists us to learn to hear, feel and see through our Greater Eye. Without aligning our soul to such an end, little further enlightenment is possible.

This tuning follows the total commitment to esoteric principles, beginning with initiation, and ends when the initiate becomes adept at listening to the whispering of the Spirit (Binah), and becomes able to experience gnosis directly from the akasha (aether) on a regular basis.


Stage 4:
Entering the state of attunement with this divine purpose (moving from initiate to adept) increased spiritual sensitivity begins, ushering in perception of distant occurrences (both past, present and future) and where the adept becomes an active, conscious participant with God in bringing to pass the “Immortality and Eternal Life” of mankind.


And so the final result of following the 4 “T”s would be “Eternal Life,” or continuous consciousness without a loss of contiguous memory of all of ones life experiences. This can only be realized as one attains a state of on-going “communion” (at-one-ment) with God, and maintains that state at all times.

This is “immortality” coupled to consciousness, and rests upon a foundation of work on behalf of mankind. This state is a state of GODHOOD, and can be referred to as exaltation.

Without a true understanding of the nature of human consciousness, and of its final attainment of Kether Sephira (godhead or godhood), it is impossible to begin the climb to at-one-ment. We need to know what the goal is, and how to attain this goal, and to commit to it 100%, or we will “die like men,” and repeat yet another incarnation — settling for our chosen level of spiritual vibration and light, but falling short of total at-one-ment with God. This is our spiritually inherited “kingdom” and it is determined by our collective, on-going choices. And so it is through the true understanding of what it takes to reach at-one-ment, that we can begin the long journey home. This is why require a correct Theology as a starting point, and a process that will ultimately bring us to full enlightenment.

This work alone could take a lifetime, and this simple aspect of the four-fold path presents its own problems. However, one must either re-discover true cosmo-religious teachings of the various ancient esoteric core religions (before they became exoteric sects), or one must re-build a foundation from scratch. This latter choice is our goal.

The first and second Ts (or tiers) might be found through personal study, prayer and sacrifice, over many years, but the third and fourth tier (Teleology) usually requires one’s participation in a legitimate occult order. A correct understanding of Teleology requires that a person receive a direct epiphany, also known as a transfiguration, mystical experience, experiencing the “clear light of the void,” “seeing God face-to-face, and doubtless as many terms as there have been ancient orders. All of these expressions (used as they are originally intended) refer to the singular experience of a complete, and controlled ego-dissolution.

The few extant and truly occult records, are few. The Kolbrin (really a collection of books) was the ‘bible’ studied and stored at the scriptorium at the Glastonbury Abbey, until the arson fire of 1185 CE. Kept by a line of trustees, the surviving texts were released first publicly in 1910, and the book is now available in to english language versions. This is one of the rare books that still contains a description of one of the ancient ego-dissolution ceremonies, utilizing secret sacrament (a concoction whose recipe is not explained, only described) which is pretty clearly a combination more than one entheogen. The three day experience described could only have occurred on such a combination of entheogens, likely potentiated with an MAOI source. Due to the geography of this story (the Great Pyramid in Egypt), this would likely have been a Syrian Rue extract.

We interject this pearl of wisdom at this point in our explanation, because these ancient rituals of “rebirthing” were the most sacred of ceremonies, and their secrets were never given to the uninitiated. The Kykeon, a simpler solution used for the same purpose, during the biannual initiation rituals in Greece, known as the Eleusian Mysteries, also created a prolonged state of ego-dissolution. The shorter-acting hallucinogens that occurred naturally, used by themselves, would not have been as likely to create the extended temporal ego-dissolution experiences required for a meaningful spiritual “integration.”

Such potentiated entheogenic ceremonies are now known to have been conducted around the world. The well known Ayahuasca ceremonies of the Amazon peoples — popularized due to the seminal research by the Mckenna brothers — are but one example that is now widely understood outside of occult circles. Various Phalaris grasses were employed, in combination with Peganum harmala in ceremonies in ancient Etruscan temples, and at Eleusis. In Egypt, and the hidden city of Petra, it is apparent that the acacia tree bark (another potent sources of DMT) was also employed.

~ From Light…Duality. From Duality…The Law ~


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